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Registered Medical Practitioner,
GMC number 3002854,
Registered Osteopath GOsC number 4/4571.
Also registered with the Data Commissioner for safe storage of patient details.

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musculo skeletal medicine

Treatment for shoulder injury Musculo-skeletal Medicine practitioners are concerned with diagnosing and treating the causes of pain in the muscles, joints, ligaments, soft tissues and bones. This might be due to injury or overuse in the work place or in a hobby or to some underlying condition such as osteoarthritis. Pain in one area can be referred from another, eg problems with the hip joint can be referred to the knee.Sometimes diseases can present as musculoskeletal problems, for example some stomach ulcers can cause pain at the back of the chest wall.In musculoskeletal medicine we try to provide a diagnosis wherever we can and blood tests and xrays and other imaging might be needed to help us. Treatment can consist of manual therapy which is often provided by the practitioner themselves but sometimes by physiotherapists. Injections are also used. The injections are often a mixture of local anaesthetic and steroid.


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