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Registered Medical Practitioner,
GMC number 3002854,
Registered Osteopath GOsC number 4/4571.
Also registered with the Data Commissioner for safe storage of patient details.

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What sort of problems can Dr Gardner look at?

I see patients with lower and upper back pain, shoulder and arm problems, nerve symptoms, pelvis, hip, knee, and ankle and foot pain, muscle and tendon pain and over-use. Usually it’s been a problem for too long.

What does Dr Gardner do?

I fully assess the problem and the place it has in a patient's life. I am interested in the physical demands of work, home-life and exercise and sports activity. I am especially concerned about a patient's general fitness levels and how long they are inactive for in a day, for example; hunched over a computer. I examine the patient very carefully then discuss my findings and recommendations. This might take an hour and not less than half an hour. Patients should expect to undress to underwear or shorts for examination. Modesty will always be respected.

What happens next?

I suggest a treatment plan. This might be manual treatment and exercises administered by myself, it might be an injection, it might be a request to the GP for more information about previous investigations or a request to them for more to be arranged. It might be to suggest that another practitioner or health care professional with different skills might be more beneficial for this particular problem. The patient and I reach agreement on the way forward then this is usually passed onto the GP as well as in letter form.

Who does Dr Gardner see?

People with musculoskeletal pain and problems which might be due to computer use, personal fitness, incomplete recovery from previous injury or surgery, musicians and other performing artists, sports and exercise participants, men and women of all ages.

How can I arrange to see Dr Gardner?

Please go to the appointments page for details. Contact 01563 537306 for more information or send a message from the Contact page.

What happens when I am treated?

This is always discussed with the patient at the time but manual therapy consists of careful “hands on” treatment to the affected area. The first session is particularly cautious as the patient may not have experienced this sort of treatment before. Patients should expect to be undressed to underwear to allow treatment. Modesty is always respected.

What sort of injections does Dr Gardner give?

I usually use a mixture of local anaesthetic and corticosteroid. Again this is discussed in detail at the time. This type of injection is used widely in musculoskeletal and sports and exercise medicine mainly to relieve pain and treat inflammatory conditions. Commonly injected areas are the shoulder and hand, occasionally knees and ankle area and feet. I do not do any spinal injections. I also do not do prolotherapy. One injection may be all that is required but up to 3 can be considered.

What happens after treatment?

Some people can find they have a bit more pain and discomfort for a few days after manual therapy or injection. Using a warm pack and painkillers such as paracetamol is usually enough. As treatment progresses I usually give a home exercise or two and encourage a return to more physical activity as tolerated. The early stages of this can be monitored and goals can be set, as needed.

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