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Registered Medical Practitioner,
GMC number 3002854,
Registered Osteopath GOsC number 4/4571.
Also registered with the Data Commissioner for safe storage of patient details.

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combining all three

I started as a sport and exercise and musculoskeletal physician in 1989 by enrolling on the London Hospital Sports Medicine Course as it was then. I found I enjoyed the hands-on assessment and detailed analysis that was encouraged for sports injuries and built on this with musculoskeletal medicine training, mainly based on the work of James Cyriax. I worked with sports teams in a variety of settings from a variety of sports. In the meantime I pursued training in General Practice and work in Accident and Emergency. During this time I experienced the effectiveness of Osteopathy personally and its philosophy chimed very easily with my own professional direction and philosophy so in 2001 I completed an MSc degree which included Osteopathic training at the London College of Osteopathic Medicine. Since then I have become a fulltime specialist in all three areas. I am unique in the West of Scotland in this combination. I enjoy the problem solving and detective work of solving sometimes complex problems and I enjoy being able to effectively and safely treat patients to restore them to maximal function and continuing physical activity.

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